What our clients have achieved?


Marios Anagnostou, CEO
SME Instrument Winner.
Rok Štraus, General manager
SME Instrument Winner.
Jure Triller, CEO and Co-founder
SME Instrument Winner.
Stefan Kufner, PhD and Ruzin Ağanoğlu, PhD
SME Instrument Winner.
Aleš Hribar, PhD,
SME Instrument Winner.
Lin Lukša,
SME Instrument Winner.
Boštjan Žagar, PhD,
SME Instrument Winner.
Irena Horvat Žnidaršič, PhD,
General Manager, Potenza Medica
(granted Horizon 2020 SME Instrument).
Simon Kolenc
SME Instrument, Seal of Exellence
Lorena Leonardos,
Owner, IONEX,
Granted Horizon 2020 SME Instrument
''When we decided to apply for SME Instrument funding, we had no previous experience with such procedures.  Our colleague advised us to contact Mr. Zemljic, as he is very succesful and experienced with H2020 submissions.  Mr. Zemljic accepted our project and helped us a lot with advices on proposal structure, business terminology and strategy.  Our proposal has evolved from roughly outlined to successfully-passed  and granted project. We especially appreciated his calming energy and help in stressful events, like final proposal submission. We would definitely recommend working with him.''
Jelena Stojadinovič, PhD,
SME Instrument Winner
"After my first SME submission which scored 11.2, I have spoken to four consulting agencies Belgium, Holland etc. aiming at providing support for the SME project proposals improvements. However, their conditions and competencies were not convincing. Luckily, I have gotten the information from the Serbian SME community about Mr. Kristjan Zemljic, as one of the most respected SME H2020 consultants with a very high success rate. Kristjan accepted to discuss my project and afterward, despite the short notice, worked with me on the proposal. In a couple of iterations, he managed to reinforce the business side of the project, as well as to help me strengthen my business strategy, use of business terminology and confidence in my project, which resulted in successfully passing several pitching phases in the accelerator program I attended and reaching the finals. The submitted project, on the other hand, was selected for funding, which I was very happy with. Besides being extremely professional, Kristjan is a very pleasant person to work with. He is dedicated and devoted to his mission - helping raise the level of innovative project proposals in EU. I would definitely work again with Kristjan and have already recommended him to several SME owners and CEOs."
Irena Horvat Žnidaršič, PhD,
General Manager, Potenza Medica
(granted Horizon 2020 SME Instrument).
“Odobreno Consulting has an amazing results in SME Instrument, which is not suprising me at all. A key to win the Sme Instrument is in understaning it. Kristjan, lead expert who worked with us, brought in that perspective. He knows exactly what evaluators are looking for and how to catch and retain their attention. And that is how you can stand out from other competitive projects. Each word counts and Kristjan doesn‘t give up until everything is in its place. What I also liked was web page od Odobreno consulting which is full of usefull blogs, e-books and video trainings which helped us prepare even better. I recommend Odobreno Consulting for cooperation to any innovative company which aims to take part in Sme Instrument.”
Miha Troha, PhD,
Head of Energy Division, COMCOM
SME Instrument Winner
”Cooperation with Global Disruption and Kristjan Zemljič was highly positive. Kristjan's experience and knowledge of the intricacies of the SME Instrument significantly simplified and sped up the application process for our team. He was very responsive and even helped us to finalise the application over public holidays providing support till the very last moment of the submission.”
Robert Orehek,
(granted Horizon 2020 SME Instrument)
”Tom PIT has innovative ideas, products and experts. When we applied for SME Instrument we wanted to present also commercial potential of the idea. Consultancy Global Disruption and its lead expert, Kristjan Zemljic, offered us invaluable guidance to convince evaluators. His expertize, practical knowledge and lots of patience were complimenting our team competencies which resulted in winning the grant!”
Aleš Hribar, PhD,
(granted Horizon 2020 SME Instrument)
“Writing an SME instrument project proposal is a challenging task that requires time, involvement and the right words which will present your idea in the language of the evaluate. It is a challenge that Kristjan helped us to overcome. He knows which questions are expected to be answered and even the right words to use while doing it. A score of 14,07 which our proposal received is proving it. We are thankful for the help and are looking forward to future cooperation.”
Tomaž Gornik,
CEO, Marand
(granted Horizon 2020 SME Instrument)
“Cooperation with company Global Disruption is easiest to describe with words: competent, responsive, efficient. Reach experience and proffesional attitude he demonstrated enabled whole team to deal with project proposal development process wiht most ease and high positive success rates.”
Jelica Pegan Stemberger
CEO, Glotta Nova
(granted LDV Transfer of innovation)
“We are cooperating with Kristjan Zemljič for more then 9 years.We are extremely satisfied with the level of his services in the field of EU funding. Mr. Zemljic is highly skilled proffesional and the right person if you seek for advice or training in this field. He is extremely responsible, precise, motivated and supportive. We admired the level of ethics he demonstrated and willingeness to realy help us achieve our goals. All that and many positive results from EU call raise our motivation also and there we highly recommend him for cooperation.”
Jan Zrimec, PhD,
CEO, Immt
(Seal of Exellence in SME Instrument, Horizon 2020)
”Cooperation with company Global Disruption and Kristjan Zemljic enabled us to significantly improve quality of our project proposal for SME Instrument in very short time. He is very efficient, supportive and ready for providing expert advices. He demonstates high level of expertise and proffesional attitude and is available till the very last possible moment prior submisson. It is obvious that he understands this proffesion more then just a work – for him it is a mission.”
Kurt Karsten Andersen, Msc.,
CEO, Human Communications Centre,
UK (granted LDV Transfer of Innovation)
It has been a pleasant and professionally fulfilling experience to cooperate with Kristjan as a coordinator of one of the Eu-funded projects we took part in. Kristjan’s professional approach mixed with warm personality and goal orientation enabled the whole partnership to work efficiently and to develop over the period of three years. It would be a pleasure to work with Kristjan again.”
Andreas Prodromidis, PhD,
Co-founder, Simple New Ideas PC
(applicant in Horizon 2020 SME Instrument)
Kristjan is a real professional to work with. We approached Kristjan to help us improve our H2020 proposal, just 10 days ahead of the submission deadline, not knowing what quality of a job he could deliver in such a short notice. He managed to make insightful comments and tips, not just on the content, but also on our proposal structure, layout and writing style. Furthermore, he made himself available for a second review and another follow-up, despite the pressing time constraints. Kristjan showed that he knows all aspects of this field thoroughly. He shared his knowledge openly, contributed to a very smooth collaboration and, in the process, he helped us gain valuable knowledge too. We hope to have the chance to collaborate with him again in the future.


Luka Zevnik, PhD,
Conrete Expert
Tina Osojnik,
CEO of Osojnik legal Boutique
Marko Katić,
CEO of Mill Katić
Petra Knez Bahor,
Contact Centre Specialist and Empowering Voice of Contact
Iztok Tivadar,
Apolon Training Centre
Roman Žitnik,
If I would want to gain so much knowledge in such a short period of time on my own, I would need years to achieve that. One conversation with Maja had a value of hundred e-mails. Conversations we had were adjusted to my needs and contained so much value that I can't compare them with any other training program. I couldn't wait for the next session each week.
Neva Strel Pletikos,
consultant for teachers and parents
I decided to work with Maja, because I saw her post on Facebook. It was like she is talking to me. I had the feeling that she is talking to me. Before I met Maja, I didn't know how to promote myself, what and where to promote.
Most of all I like her relaxed conversation and later I reached my goal. I trusted her, because she knew I have a lot of potentials. She gave me concrete instructions on blogging, posts and setting goals. When she fixed the blog, I said to myself: ''This is exactly what I wanted to say. How come I couldn't remember this!''
I would recommend her to all, who want to get out of the comfort zone and would like to offer something original with added value. Maja's knowledge is priceless and it was an honor to work with her.
Anita Kejžar Škulj,
Life Coach
I chose Maja from a selection of different marketing providers. I chose her because she offered one-on-one exclusive executive coaching. I first met her years ago, when she gave a workshop about creative writing for entrepreneurs. I immediately recognized her as an expert. I had a good feeling that she was someone who could teach me how to write. The most valuable experience for me was when she taught me how to transform complex text into text that convinces the reader. I learned which words to choose so readers will really understand me. After working with her I was also clear on how to identify my ideal clients. I would recommend working with Maja to all entrepreneurs. Maja can teach you how to use the most effective sales and marketing tactics.