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Meet Kristjan Zemljič and Maja Novak

EU funding expert, Kristjan Zemljič, works with CEOs and their leading innovation teams across Europe to help them secure technology development funding and establish their businesses as technology leaders. He is a senior consultant delivering a High Performing SME Consulting Program with a proven track record of successfully funded technology projects.

Maja Novak, MSc works with CEOs of innovative companies across Europe to help them improve the marketing performance of their communication teams, in order to achieve greater business success. She helps them raise their digital visibility (raise their online presence / raise their online profile) and establish communities of interested customers and followers.

High Performing SME Consulting Program

Join other successful innovative teams that are building extraordinary business, driven by state of the art technologies and the desire to serve their communities. Our clients are 400 % more likely to win EU funding and see a significant increase in their digital visibility (online presence) in the market, leading to a 30 %+ improvement in sales.

The High Performing SME Consulting Program

is for elite innovation professionals who want to:

  • secure ongoing R&D capabilities,
  • accelerate market uptake and
  • have ambitions to position their company as an industry leader.

Speaking / Workshops

An engaging, results-focused speaker who delivers proven marketing strategies to grow business:

Maja Novak
Head of Marketing, CEO of Global Disruption

Maja Novak delivers talks that engage and inspire audiences. As a leading expert in conten and video marketing, she provides audiences with proven strategies and tactics to raise digital visibility (online presence), including persuasive writing, community building and unique market positioning.

Maja Novak, MSc. has 17 years of experience speaking in front of a variety of audiences, ranging from entrepreneurs to corporate clients. She frequently gives training sessions at universities, where she teaches students how to land a job or present an effective elevator pitch. She is passionate, energetic and engaging. Maja will leave your audience entertained and begging for more, and her audiences often exceed 200+ attendees.

Her best topic selection includes the strategic use of content marketing, effective use of social media and leveraging video as the most powerful media to build a brand and increase sales.

Maja has worked with clients in 11 industries, including the insurance industry, telecommunications, banking, sport & nutrition, management consulting, electronic goods and others.

An innovation-driven, inspiring and insightful speaker who enjoys sharing expertize to grow business:

Kristjan Zemljič
Head of Innovation Funding, Principal Partner at Global Disruption

Kristjan Zemljič provides training on the strategic use of EU funding for technology development and commercialization. He is recognized as one of the top 30 Horizon 2020 experts in Europe and ranks among 8 of the top EU experts for innovation funding in small and medium-sized companies.

Kristjan is passionate about business development and sales. His deep understanding of EU policies, project management and commercialization strategies enables him to offer audiences a unique perspective on accelerated business growth.

His workshops and training sessions are regularly organized at Ljubljana Technology Park and the Chamber of Commerce, often attended by over 100 professionals.

Kristjan has worked with clients in 15 industries, including the IT industry, IoT, advanced materials, the automotive industry, the health sector, biotechnology, banking, insurance, management consulting, electronic goods and others.

Success Stories

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SME Instrument Winner
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