Will a 1-man pitch break your deal?

Recently we launched a brand new video training series “Pitch like a king” corner. Within, we discuss how startups and deep-tech teams can convince any investor and especially, EIC accelerator jury members. The award is promising and on average amounts to €4 million (EU grant and equity).

To provide you with first-hand experience and information you can’t find anywhere else, we conducted an interview with a renewed guest, Mr. Csaba Bundik. He’s an investor and the EIC Accelerator jury member himself. We share one goal and that is to help you pitch successfully anything to anyone.

In this blog post we discuss the following issue – should you come to the pitch alone or with your team? Many deep-tech teams are great minds but poor presenters and because of that, don’t like to deliver presentations very often. Watch the video below to learn what you can expect if appear on your own.

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