Why can changing your funding strategy cost you at least 50,000 EUR?

Do you know that feeling of being overwhelmed when you are developing and writing a complex EU funding proposal?

To many innovation teams, giving up comes to mind but that could be a poor decision as it can cost your business from at least 50.000 EUR and up to millions of euros.

In the 5 minute video below we share a story of a successful case study – SME from automotive industry. It’s team was close to the decision to put the project in the drawer and just forget about it.

But the didn’t and they won 50.000 EUR funding (Phase 1) to perform further testing of their #air cleaning technology, which is to be installed into the car’s cabin.

In addition, they are preparing their company for bigger investments (up to 2.5 million EUR) within #SME Instrument funding scheme, to prepare for international commercialization.

If you are CEO, CTO or CSO, leading innovation team to prepare a winning proposal, learn 4 principles you need to apply to develop high quality project in a short period of time: