What kind of equipment do you need to make a video?

If you‘ve ever wondered how you can create effective visual content like a pro, without actually becoming a graphic designer, this video is for you. Videos allow you to increase the time spent by visitors on your site. Thus, longer exposure builds trust and signals search engines that your site has good content.

As you know, we use video a lot to promote our business. We produce videos for blogs, e-mail marketing, we post them on social media and we also upload them on our YouTube channel.

Video is, in our opinoun, the most effective online tool to icrease awarness of your product or service.

Many of our clients ask me: ”Maja how do you make video on your own?” I’ve been producing videos for the last four years. We also have proffessional camerman in our company.

Today I will tell what exactly do you need to make video on your own. It’s very important what kind of equipment for video production do you use.

If the equipment is bad quality, the video is bad quality.

So, what do we use for videos, we produce without help of our professional camerman?


We actually use tablet Samsung Galaxy. Be aware of the importance of a quality camera. You can use your smartphone to record video.


Tripod helps you capture the ideal shot in all different circumstances. If you don’t use tripod, you will have to stabilaze shaky videos later. Shaky videos look unprofessional, unpolished, and are difficult to watch.


Bad audio can ruin even the best video! Believe it or not, making better quality videos starts with better audio!  If your audience can’t hear you, they’re not gonna listen

It’s very important that you choose microfon with a very good quality. Sound in video is very important. It is absolutely vital that you get the sound right for your video – without good sound, your work will look amateurish and sloppy. The sound in you video must be perfect. Otherwise you will look like nonprofessional.


There is a big difference in how our eyes perceive light compared to a camera lens. Cameras need way more light to produce a quality image than you might imagine. Many people ask me if I hate seeing myself on camera, and my answer is always the same – it depends on the lighting!. It’s simply amazing how different the same person can look with various lighting and angles.

So at the end it’s very important to point out what kind of video editing software do we use. When we produce simple videos for social media, we use Camtasia.

But you also need a lot of practice to make an effective video. You can make promotional videos, educational videos, tutorial videos and video recommendations.


Now is a good time for you to include video in your content marketing strategy.


If you have questions about any of the points raised or anything else video-related, let me know.