High Performing SME Consulting Program

We help innovative teams win EU Funding to develop their technology and implement go-to- market strategies to grow sales.

Would you like to learn how to win EU Funding to bring your technology from prototype to market-ready product or service? And then have a clear path to promote your product, accelerate sales and grow market share?

Are you currently dealing with any of these questions?

- Do you want to build a successful international business around your innovation?

- Is EU funding part of your strategy as it allows you to increase the scale of R&D projects?

- Are you aware of EU funding opportunities like SME Instrument but these opportunities seem hard to win?

- Are you unclear on how to achieve greater visibility for your technology in the marketplace?

- Have you been trying hard to send the message of the true value your innovation represents, but regardless of the digital channel used – this message doesn’t seem to be getting across properly?

- Could your marketing team benefit by having a more effective digital marketing plan, strategies and tools that allow you to gain more recognition for your technology in the marketplace?

If you’re contemplating any of the above and would like to secure EU development funding of up to €2.5 million and have a step-by-step plan to go-to- market with your technology, let’s talk because we can help.


Step by step consulting system for Innovation Professionals

You want a step-by- step system and highly skilled experts who will help you to efficiently develop a highly competitive EU proposal. You want to learn about other funding opportunities and how to address them with the same concept to increase your chances of winning the funding.

And then, to reinforce your on-going marketing and sales efforts, you want to have a clear path to promote your product, accelerate sales and grow market share.

To help you achieve that, learn about the 3-step process of our High Performing SME Consulting Program.

The 3 Pillars of Innovation Business Growth

1. Strategic EU Funding and Marketing Blueprint.

You must learn how to position your project to win funding and support R&D activities. Recognizing other funding opportunities increases your chances of winning . Setting up a focused marketing strategy enables you to achieve unique digital promotion and strong market visibility.

2. Deep Dive.

A highly efficient step-by- step system that helps you build a professional innovation proposal in a short period of time. You will learn how to position, present and put your idea in front of evaluators in a convincing and impressive manner. In addition, your business will be equipped with a powerful marketing lead generator to fill your sales funnel and a communication plan for a full year to grow your sales.

3. Find Your Voice.

Focus your marketing & sales team on generating and processing qualified leads only. Decrease efforts invested in leads that will never buy from you. Implement proven approaches to present your valuable products/services on the web and in digital media that will attract relevant clients and win their hearts and minds.

Implementing each of these pillars allows you to make better funding and marketing decisions, raises your chances of obtaining EU funds, supports your R&D strategy and improves your marketing efforts. The introduced principles and tools will help your team become more efficient and successful.


How does the High Performing SME Consulting Program differ?

When you decide to include EU funding in your strategy, you would usually establish cooperation with a project-writing agency.

And if you want to accelerate sales to assure enough cash-flow, you would approach a PR or digital agency.

The problem with such approaches is that the solution is only partial and it drains resources.

You can either develop and submit a project proposal which you hope will get funded, but no EU grant usually means lost resources. Or you can start to use new marketing tactics, whether they are Facebook ads, website funnels, or some other type of social media. However, your marketing team, despite their best efforts, still can’t report back on improved sales.

To tackle this, your team must take an approach where technology development and innovation promotion are conducted in parallel, with predictable results and set for great market success. Your expected ROI is thusmuch more realistic.

All successful innovative companies have this in place in their business. If you think that you may be missing one or more of these pillars then we have good news for you. This is exactly why we created the High Performing SME Consulting program. You can see videos and testimonials under “Success stories”.

When you will benefit from our program?

If you’re like most of the elite professionals we work with, you are innovating and building your business because:

- You have a strong technology and business background, which enables you to innovate and commercialize state of the art solutions.

- You understand the industry and the practical needs of your target market. With your innovative solution, you can make the lives of your users much easier.

- You have designed a highly scalable business and you could reach a broad community of users and buyers at an international level.

- Your proprietary technology allows you to position your company as the market leader and a premier business partner.

- You want to realize income potential while fulfilling your business mission.

Does that sound like you?

Most of the professionals who reach out to us have years of experience and lead highly-skilled innovation teams, in many cases already operating internationally. They want to expand their team from 10+ members to several times that in a 3 to 5 year period and expand their operations worldwide.

You are probably very good at what you do and maybe your solution has already been rewarded, received EU funding or attracted private capital. You know how to provide value through state of the art technology. So it’s not your expertise or experience that is the issue. Your challenge is securing further fast and stable growth of the company with innovation funding and efficient marketing.

Keep in mind that this program is (perhaps) not the best fit for early-stage companies, startups which are not yet on the market or companies with micro teams. This program works exceptionally well with the kinds of innovation teams described above.