Is your innovation really unique?

Are you a future market leader or a market follower? Startups and scale-ups, raising private investments or trying to win SME Instrument, claim they will be market leaders. In 95%, after exploring their story, we learn they will be market followers.


To win funding, you need to convince that you are unique. You are doing things, which were never done.

But if you are:

  1. serving a known market,
  2. solving known problems, similarly,
  3. just being more efficient at it, you are not unique.


There is no element of changed behavior in the targeted supply chain.

  1. If you want to be perceived as unique, go beyond technology description. You can be unique in many ways:
  2. The way you access resources
  3. The way you produce
  4. The way you deliver
  5. The way you charge
  6.  The way you create demand
  7.  The way you take care of your customer


Uniqueness is more than tech innovation. It’s how your business creates & delivers value and engages existing and new stakeholders. What do you think about it? Comment below and let’s connect on Linkedin. It could be a fantastic journey!”

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