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Is innovation important to your company?

Most of our business partners find it critical to their market survival, fast business growth, realizing impressive turnover and pursuing their personal vision.

Here’s a truth: The market will always be searching for something new — and you must be the one to give it to them – first, if possible.

Do you know what is the main reason for companies not growing as fast as they would want to?

  • No, it is not due to lack of money.
  • No, it is not due to team member leaving.
  • No, it is not due to some »bug« which is messing with your product.


All above mentioned reasons can, off course, significantly impact company development. But, at the same time, all those reasons, are usually a consequence of even a bigger problem.

The problem in the domain of company management, owners and founders.

Few days ago I had a talk with CEO of innovative sensor device producing company.

He told me all about their plans and where they want to be in 5 years and that they are pitching VC’s here and there… It all sounded very good until I asked him a question: “If you would get 500.000 EUR investment, what will you do with the money?”

He said: “I don’t know exactly. We need them for product development and marketing.” To make long story short – we couldn’t specify.

And we happen to find ourselves in similar situation quite often.

  • Some CEO’s can’t tell how their product development plan looks like.
  • Other CEO’s are not sure what kind of expertise they need to bring in-house.
  • Many of CEO’s know they want to do business globally but go-to market strategy isn’t defined.


After hundreds of talks with various companies we learned  that the main reason hindering business growth is in lack of clarity.

Sharp vision means you know exactly where you want to be and when.

You can come up with a plan and various strategies:

  • To bring EU funding for further product development.
  • To expand internationally.
  • To increase sales and revenues.
  • To build (and retain) extraordinary team.


Clarity and grand vision are preconditions to scaling fast. What do you think? 

Can you reach clarity, develop strategies and obtain EU funding – at the same time?

Yes, that is possible, especially if you perceive project development as an exercise to accomplish that.

Still, when entrepreneurs or an innovation team prepare proposals, they usually get overwhelmed. Why?


Besides missing fundamental strategies, innovation teams (especially if they are/were not part of any acceleration program or similar training) just don’t know what exactly they should write.

  • How to justify their project and define their business case?
  • How to demonstrate their solution is better then current state of the art?
  • How to get value from the proposal even if it doesn’t get funding during first attempt?


Reaching clarity helps you and your team resolve all listed mind-bugging questions. 

Would you want to try and test our novel High Performing SME Platform?

Innovation is critical to our success too. That is why we are developing a novel, video based platform, to help you reach clarity, define breakthrough strategies and pack those into a compelling SME Instrument proposal.

But this is just a first step.

In our learning space you will, in time, be able to access content on:

  • Preparing for investment
  • Finding the right investors
  • Pitching
  • Creating brand awareness
  • Utilizing the power of video
  • Networking and partnerships to dominate markets and more.


Right now we finalizing the first step and that is to help you design a winning SME Instrument proposal.

You will enjoy following core benefits:

  • You will get step by step guidance to develop your idea presentation (or product) from broad, vague description to powerful, convincing, must-get-grant proposal. First you will develop a concept, using our unique methodology and end up with EU Funded Growth Blueprint. The main value of this step is that all your work is aligned with the evaluation criteria from the first character you will write.


  • You will proceed then into Deep Dive phase. You will get acquainted with corner stones of every successful SME Instrument proposal. As you will have powerful concept already developed,         you speed up your work tremendously. You will reduce the amount of time needed to develop your proposal by  at least 50%.


  • Did we mention that clients who prepared their proposals based on our guidance have recorded in average 4X higher success rates then other applicants?


  • You will be also equipped with our “secret-weapon” which we like to call SME Instrument Black Book. This is our secret recipe to success, step by step guidance on what information you need to include and where you should place it. It is designed upon 8 successful SME Instrument proposals and 10 Seal of Excellences (from which 3 received follow up funding).


  • We are confident that with use of our online platform you will increase  your chances to win a project. Why? Because typical applicants just start to write a proposal (without a clear plan). Then they find a consultant and they send their work for  review. After that they usually experience a big shock because reviewers will tell them to completely rewrite the proposal. Building your proposal using our guidance this will not be an option at all.


  • High Performing SME Platform will be offered as part of our consulting program. That means that you will also enjoy in receiving 1-on-1 executive coaching delivered by our lead expert Kristjan Zemljic. Using his advice you will be able to uniquely position your innovation and set your company for fast growth.


  • Exceptionally, our platform will be offered strictly as an online program, to make it even more accessible to you.


Here is the question for you: Would you like to test our online platform for SME Instrument?