How we won our 11th SME Instrument?

I love good books. For example in the Book The answer from Allan and Barbara Pease, you can learn, how every situation in life is a numbers game. Logic is simple: more often you try, the better chances you have to succeed. SME Instrument and innovation funding are no different.

Check the stats:
– You will learn there is always a similar % of SMEs that wins and fails.
– You will also learn, that among winners, companies that are resubmitting are more successful.

But, repeating the same thing will not get you new results right?

So, to win SME and that numbers game in your favor you also need:

o Excellent innovation.
o Great team.
o Powerful story and.
o Ability to learn and adapt from one attempt to the other.

Is it that simple? Sure, it is. It’s how we learned to walk, talk, ride a bicycle, a car, win business.
Check inspiring stories from Walt Disney, Tomas Edison, J.K. Rowling, and many others well know celebrities today.
To win our 11th case, we also tried five times, before success. We had cool innovation, each time we polished the story, and we didn’t take for an answer.
Persistence, improvements, and resilience helped us create another moment for a big celebration.

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