How we won 10th SME Instrument proposal?

In this video, we explain advanced tactics to present the impact of your SME Instrument funding proposal. Don’t miss number #4, where we share game-changing questions you need to answer and win up to 2.5milion EUR grant.

This time our client is a startup with an amazing laser technology that will decrease the side effects of chemotherapy. Despite their enormous potential, they couldn’t pass threshold earlier and here is how we helped them achieve that.

Let’s explore 5 things we did

First. We introduced a strict text structure we follow so that no any vital element is missing. For example, a paragraph explaining a business opportunity in Excellence section is a must that many neglects.

Second. We proposed to obtain LOIs by from potential customers and industry partners. It is imperative to support your claims there is a market demand and willingness to buy. Templates of various LOI’s are available to our Deep Dive clients.

Third. We wanted to change a project’s story. We wanted evaluator to relate himself with someone they know and to feel a need to help. That is why user’s pain was vividly presented. How the patient feels, how doctors feel and experience in the healing process. We want evaluator to understand if such a solution is introduced, things will change on personal, professional, industry level.

Fourth. We asked and answered 3 key questions to improve the impact.

How presented technology facilitates the implementation of other SOA technologies?

How will the behavior of users and stakeholders change due to innovation implementation?

What is the market creation potential? The idea here is not to fight for the same clients within the existing market. Instead, you want to show how such technology can be implemented elsewhere. In addition, we presented the business model that could enable this expansion.

Why it matters? Because we want to show a greater vision, life past project and that growth potential and expected ROI will be significant.

Fifth.  We proposed our so-called Tsunami go-to-market strategy. It is a convincing description of technology roll-out which is aligned with financial tables. You can find that in our free SME Instrument Accelerator, visit our main site and enroll.

This 5 key elements helped us write an amazing story and hopefully helping millions of cancer patients worldwide.

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