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How to convince business angel?

So, there you are. Standing in front of your potential investor. If the meeting goes well, you will receive your first seed funding. You will be able to build your innovative product. You have only one try. How do you handle it?

This mistake will cost you EU grant

When you are trying to win EU grant – you naturally focus on why YOU need it. But – who cares? The one that gives wants to know something completely else. What you need to do is to align your objectives with their objectives. How can you do this? Watch the video and find out!

How we won 9th SME Instrument proposal?

Let us share 3 powerful strategies with you that transform a good proposal into financed one. You will learn how we won 9th SME Instrument proposal. Watch the video to achieve similar results.

5 startup growth hacking tips

If you are ambitious innovation driven entrepreneur then you are not interested in incremental, slow growth of your start-up. Your focus is in market domination and high growth. Would you want to 5 startup growth hacking tips to sell better, convince private investors or obtain EU funding? 

How to reach clarity and accelerate growth of your tech company?

The market will always search for something new — and you must be the one to give it to them – first, if possible. Innovation is the cornerstone of  market survival and when you underpin it with smart business model, you can accelerate growth of your tech company at unseen velocity. In ideal world you,… (CONTINUE READING)

Video: How to pitch SME Instrument jury?

Amazing – you have just received an e-mail with invitation to Brussels to present in person your innovation project. If you will do it professionally then all the hard work during project development will be rewarded. You will get up to 2.5 million euro funding for technology development.  If you fail to convince…well, then you… (CONTINUE READING)

3 things we did to win 2 more SME Instrument projects

This 7 minute video summarises 3 key things we did to win 2 new SME Instrument (Phase 1) proposals in December 2017. See the video here: CASE STUDY

5 ways to protect your company’s inventions

If you’ve ever developed a new product or formulated a new business idea, you’ve most likely grappled with the question of whether you should to protect it legally in some way.  It can be a confusing issue, for sure, and many of the companies we meet don’t seem to have a solid grasp of how, why and… (CONTINUE READING)

5 magic words to win EU funding

There are (at least) 5 magic words you need to include into your EU funding proposal to secure the grant for tech development. Do you wonder who these five words are? These are not just magic words you need to repeat several times to secure your grant. There is no such short cut I am afraid. But if… (CONTINUE READING)

How to get funding for product development?

Did you know that 3200 European innovative small businesses and start-ups signed high value contracts and secured funding for product development? We are talking about accessing up to 2.5 million Euros of equity free funding! Watch 4 minute video to learn how you can achieve the same and change your business forever.