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60-second hack to €5 million Grant for Startups

REVEALING FUNDING SECRETS – €1.1Bn budget in 2021.A 60-second hack to overrun competition like a truck 🚛 Plenty of grants & equity for startups to build autonomous cars 🚙, underwater drones 🛸, surgical robots 🤖, space mission software 🚀, and other breakthrough innovation.  The most interesting program – EIC Accelerator – will attract THOUSANDS of great… (CONTINUE READING)

Will a 1-man pitch break your deal?

Recently we launched a brand new video training series “Pitch like a king” corner. Within, we discuss how startups and deep-tech teams can convince any investor and especially, EIC accelerator jury members. The award is promising and on average amounts to €4 million (EU grant and equity). To provide you with first-hand experience and information… (CONTINUE READING)

Is your innovation really unique?

Are you a future market leader or a market follower? Startups and scale-ups, raising private investments or trying to win SME Instrument, claim they will be market leaders. In 95%, after exploring their story, we learn they will be market followers. Why?

How we won our 11th SME Instrument?

I love good books. For example in the Book The answer from Allan and Barbara Pease, you can learn, how every situation in life is a numbers game. Logic is simple: more often you try, the better chances you have to succeed. SME Instrument and innovation funding are no different. Check the stats: – You… (CONTINUE READING)

How we won 10th SME Instrument proposal?

In this video, we explain advanced tactics to present the impact of your SME Instrument funding proposal. Don’t miss number #4, where we share game-changing questions you need to answer and win up to 2.5milion EUR grant. This time our client is a startup with an amazing laser technology that will decrease the side effects of… (CONTINUE READING)

Why you can’t sell your idea to investor?

Do you know why it’s so hard to sell your idea to the investor? This investor could be a business angel, venture capitalist or even EU authority. The main problem is that all the proposals and all the pitches sound the same. Do you know why words FASTER, BETTER and CHEAPER are no longer good… (CONTINUE READING)

How to convince business angel?

So, there you are. Standing in front of your potential investor. If the meeting goes well, you will receive your first seed funding. You will be able to build your innovative product. You have only one try. How do you handle it?

This mistake will cost you EU grant

When you are trying to win EU grant – you naturally focus on why YOU need it. But – who cares? The one that gives wants to know something completely else. What you need to do is to align your objectives with their objectives. How can you do this? Watch the video and find out!

How we won 9th SME Instrument proposal?

Let us share 3 powerful strategies with you that transform a good proposal into financed one. You will learn how we won 9th SME Instrument proposal. Watch the video to achieve similar results.

5 startup growth hacking tips

If you are ambitious innovation driven entrepreneur then you are not interested in incremental, slow growth of your start-up. Your focus is in market domination and high growth. Would you want to 5 startup growth hacking tips to sell better, convince private investors or obtain EU funding?