8 key building blocks for successful innovation commercialization and better sales

How do you intend to evolve your company from small and mid sized business to most sought after industry partner? (see 4min video at the end of this post for details).

It could be, that you are a technology development business, thus innovating is your core strategy.

You and I both know, such process demands time, sufficient funding, knowledge & skills, careful planning and execution on a daily basis.

Ideally, successful introduction of novel solution to the market and related high sales numbers should not only repay on the investment but also enable a company to become technology leader in its segment.

You  might be in one of the following positions:

–      Seeking for serious, equity free, funding (e.g.under SME Instument)

–      Pitching investors to open their wallets

–      Just completed technology development and now want to conquer the market.

Regardless the situation, during our close cooperation with ambitious innovative SMEs we noticed their go-to-market strategy is weak.

–      They don’t get the EU funding (up to 2.5 million EUR).

–      Investors seem to be interested but no investment happens.

–      Sales numbers are low, despite you know that value your solution provides is enormous.

We have recorded 4 minute video to help you improve your go-to-market strategy. This approach resulted in several project development funding. It might help you to!

NOTE: If your SME Instrument Phase 1 proposal is almost written and you need an expert look and review to boost your chances of success, contact us to support you (info@global-disruption.com.