60-second hack to €5 million Grant for Startups

REVEALING FUNDING SECRETS – €1.1Bn budget in 2021.
A 60-second hack to overrun competition like a truck 🚛

Plenty of grants & equity for startups to build autonomous cars 🚙, underwater drones 🛸, surgical robots 🤖, space mission software 🚀, and other breakthrough innovation. 

The most interesting program – EIC Accelerator – will attract THOUSANDS of great minds and cutting-edge teams.

Excitement is growing (we are getting many 📞 lately) and pitch decks and teasers are sent across the EU.

One thing is sure – it will be very HARD to stand out.

But there is a hack (see the 1 min video▶) – you should at least reconsider it – to help you get that GO decision.

It may TOTALLY affect your selection of consultants.

What do you think?