5 startup growth hacking tips

If you are ambitious innovation driven entrepreneur then you are not interested in incremental, slow growth of your start-up. Your focus is in market domination and high growth. Would you want to 5 startup growth hacking tips to sell better, convince private investors or obtain EU funding? 

Innovative companies utilise 3 funding sources to scale fast


Innovative companies are set to change the world. Why so many fail?

Would you agree that it is inspiring to work for innovative company? What could be more exciting then developing new, cool technology or product, innovation that can really efficiently solve problems and change people lives?

But, innovation doesn’t mean much if it doesn’t hit the market. When we say hit, we mean that it dominates it and provides your business with steady six or seven figure revenue. On the other side, customers are crazy about your product, they just love it and want more of it.

5 pieces of puzzle will open amazing funding opportunities

If you will do it correctly, here is what you can expect:

5 startup growth hacking tips – step by step guide

Step 1: Analyze your value chain. You need to clearly understand the process and activities that lead to creation of your product. That allows you to optimise the process and identify your competitive advantage. Especially, differential advantages is important for you, as you want to don’t want to be cheaper and offer same value, but want to be perceived as superior to competition.

Step 2: Define your supply chain.  Who are important stakeholders important for fast commercialisation of your innovation? No successful business can make it alone, so review your value chain and learn about important players. If your company can provide value to all of tem, chances to hit the market will grow significantly.

Step 3: Define go to market strategy. How will you actually hit the market? Typically, you will need to roll out in phases, first nailing one segment, then expanding to a new one. As you know important stakeholders, you can map roll- out process step by step. See this video, where we cover in details 8 fundamentals of successful commercialisation.

Step 4: This is the critical one – value proposition. Can you explain in a single sentence what you offer, to whom and expected benefits? It is super challenging to express all that by using a language of your customer.  But it will help you significantly to position your company and product as different and better then available alternatives. Your promotion and marketing will be built around your value proposition, thus block your time to craft it well.

Step 5: Finally, your offer will seal the deal with your customer. If previous steps were conduced right, your innovation will be sold for honey as we say in Slovenia.

Leverage your work for greater business impact

Listed steps will demand serious thinking on your side. After accomplishing them, you will put your business on fast track to growth. But you can also opens doors to other opportunities:

  • You can pitch investors.
  • You can wrap your work into highly competitive proposal to win millions of EU funding. If you want to know 5 magic words to win EU funding, read this blog.

Scaling a business suddenly becomes viable and realistic.

If you want to make your future a reality now, then contact us as we are sure that we can help.